Is it so wrong that you make me strong?
That boy wanna fight but I never see him fighting for you
Prom Night-Selena & Niall


“I love you, you know that, right? I love you so much, and I love what we used to be, but like I said… We used to be like that. We used to be in love-well, I’m still in love with you, I’m just not so sure about you. I don’t blame you if you don’t feel the same way anymore, though. I’ve been a horrible partner to you and all I want to do is make it up to you but I need you to answer a question for me. Do you still want to be my date to prom?”

I refrained from rolling my eyes as I watched my best friend, Cara jump into her boyfriend, Harry’s arms, while shouting a “Yes! Yes, a thousand times yes! I love you, I always will love you! You’re perfect, we’re perfect!”

I know I should be happy for them both, but I really wasn’t. At this point, I was over being happy for any couple. Especially the high school ones where they both thought they were going to last forever.

It was actually a little comical, if I do say so myself. But I think that part was just because I’m a bitch.


“Oh my goodness, stop checking yourself out! We’re going to be late!” I exclaimed, trying to rush Cara. I was exaggerating, we actually had about ten minutes before we actually had to leave, but I was just getting sick of Cara knowing just how hot she looked, while I sat on her bed looking average.

“Oh, fuck off, Sel,” Cara said but she moved away from the mirror and grabbed her purse, getting ready to leave, so I don’t see why she did. Maybe she thought she sounded cool when she swore.

“Ooh, wait!” Cara said, running back into her ensuite. Yes, she had an ensuite, she was like a nicer version of Regina George. But she wasn’t nice, definitely not, just nicer.

I got up off the bed, giving myself a once over in the mirror before getting sick of looking at myself and walking downstairs – my house was only one storey. I hated Jennifer – into the living room where I found Niall, Cara’s brother sitting on the couch, playing some video game.

I furrowed my eyebrows, taking a seat beside him. His eyes were focused on the screen but he still said, “What’s up?” I was surprised he actually noticed me. In all the movies and books I had seen/read, the little brother never paid attention to anything whilst playing video games.

“Why aren’t you going tonight?” It was silent for a minute – besides the shouts of protest coming from the poor victims being killed in the game – and then Niall paused the game, turning to look at me.

“Why would I go? I’m a Freshman,” he said.

“So? I’m Junior,” I pointed out with a shrug. I kind of was hoping Niall would come, so I had an excuse not to dance with everybody, knowing Niall as the introverted boy he was he wouldn’t dare go on the dance floor. I could just say I was keeping his company, it was a foolproof plan.

“Nah, I’m good,” he replied but he looked as if he was waiting for me to say something certain. He was probably waiting for me to ask him to go with me.

I rolled my eyes, “Niall, would you like to go to prom with me?” I asked. Niall raised an eyebrow at me.

“What about your date?” I scoffed at that. Then I laughed.

“Don’t even pretend you thought I had a date,” I told him and he shrugged, smiling.

“Just thought it’d be polite to ask,” he said before picking his controller back up and unpausing the game, “But no thanks. Prom sounds boring.”

And oh, how I wish I could have the honesty he did because Prom did, in fact, sound terribly boring but I couldn’t tell anybody that or they’ll all just try to convince me that it’s fun.

I stayed by Niall’s side for a few more minutes, watching the screen as he shot everything in sight, then Cara came downstairs in her short, red dress and high black heels that made her about eight inches taller. I had absolutely no idea how she managed to walk in those; in any heels, really. I was wearing flats. I’m such a boy.

“Bye loser, we’re going out to party with all your friends now,” Cara said to Niall who replied with absolute silence. Cara sighed and I knew she wanted Niall to come as much as I did.

I gave him a small nudge in the side, “See you later,” I said and he gave me a quick, second glance with a small smile. I appreciated it.


Prom was possibly the most boring night of my life. The whole night I had couples making out right on top of me – thank you Cara and Harry – and it was absolute disgusting.

I left halfway through the night, stealing Cara’s car keys from her – she was staying at the hotel across the road with Harry anyway – and driving back to her place.

When I got inside I saw Niall on the couch, watching TV, wrapped up in a blanket. He looked so adorable. I had to smile.

Niall looked up when he heard me enter and smiled but still looked confused. “Back already?” He asked.

I shrugged, “Didn’t have a date to stay the night at the hotel with,” I told him and he laughed. It was cute.

“Well, would you care to join me? Or are you too partied out?” Niall joked and I rolled my eyes but laughed anyway, walking over and taking a seat beside him on the couch.

“I wouldn’t call that a party. Like, ever. More like your sister and her boyfriend practically having sex on me while everybody else practically had sex on the dance floor. Luckily I got her car keys before she ditched me to actually have sex.”

Niall laughed. “She thinks she saved herself for the right guy. Poor girl,” he said and I laughed too because like I said, I’m a bitch.

It was quiet for a little longer – besides the TV that was playing Nightmare Before Christmas because it was December – until I got bored and decided to do something really stupid and blame it on the alcohol later.

I turned to Niall, waiting till he noticed and turned to me before leaning in and planting my lips on his. Almost immediately he kissed back and I was surprised with how long we were kissing before I finally pulled back.

“Well, that definitely tired me out. Night,” I said, teasing, before standing up and walking up the stairs to Cara’s bedroom.

I grabbed some pyjamas from her dresser and then quickly changed before going into the ensuite to remove my makeup and mess up my hair so I didn’t feel bad about sleeping with it like that.

I dipped my head so I could splash some water on my face, but the minute I bent down, I felt someone grip my waist. Niall – it had to be.

Slowly I straightened up, eyes still on the sink as I turned the tap off. I then flicked my eyes up to the mirror where I found Niall’s bright blue eyes staring into mine through the reflection. He was a lot taller than me, considering I was the third shortest in the whole junior year, and he most definitely was one of the tallest in his year.

He smiled at me before dipping his head and attaching his lips to my neck, biting and sucking, marking my skin. I let out a small moan as he got my soft spot and I felt his lips turn into a smile as he continued to nip at that one spot, leaving one big love bite.

He then moved up my neck, placing kisses all along my jawline. I smiled, this wasn’t how I expected my night to go, but I wasn’t exactly complaining.

Without a word he de-attached his lips from my skin and spun me around so I was facing him, before pulling me in for another kiss, this one a whole lot more heated and sloppier than the one down in the living room.

Slowly, he started walking backwards as I followed, neither of us breaking the kiss. Not even when we fell on the bed; his sister’s bed.

I pulled back, panting slightly as I asked, “Are you sure you want to do this on your sister’s bed?”

“I don’t even care, I just want you now,” he said before smashing his lips back onto mine, eagerly.

He eventually flipped us over so he was on top and I started pulling at his shirt, to which he reacted to by taking it off completely and then looking down at me. “Your turn,” he said and I had no hesitation taking my pyjama top off.

Niall smiled once he saw that I didn’t have anything underneath – I thought I was going to sleep, you don’t sleep in a bra – and he moved his lips down to my right breast, sucking on the nub as he massaged my left breast.

I let out a small whine as he nipped at it then switched, sucking the left nipple and massaging the right. Never had I felt something like this before. My past boyfriends were shit at sex.

“Niall,” I whined and he pulled back.

“What do you want, babe?” He asked, breathed out. It was really fucking sexy.


That’s all it took for Niall to move down to my pyjama pants, practically ripping them off my body. He then leant down and started kissing my thighs, going higher and higher until he reached my inner thigh.

He pulled of the panties I was wearing underneath, smirking at me because he’s a boy and they black lace.

He moved his head back down to my pussy, pressing his lips to the centre. I moaned right before he pushed a finger right inside of me.

“Fuck, Niall,” I squeaked out, spreading my legs out a little further.

“Yes, babe?” He asked like the cocky jerk he was before adding a second finger.

“No foreplay, babe, just get to it!” I demanded. I really was eager, I hadn’t had sex in about three months. That’s a long time to go without sex.

“You sure?” Niall asked, uncertainly.

I rolled my eyes, “Yes, of course! Just do it!” I said, my eyes shutting tight as he continued to thrust his fingers inside of me.

Soon his fingers were gone and I heard shuffling but chose to keep my eyes closed until I felt Niall’s hands at my hips. I looked into Niall’s eyes and nodded.

“Please, Niall,” I begged as he lined his cock up to my entrance.

I let out a small sigh as he pushed the tip in before thrusting into me, going slowly at first but then getting faster and deeper each time.

I moaned out a long string of profanities as Niall started going all the way in, hitting my g-spot every time.

“Fuck, Niall, I’m gonna…” I said before I came with a long moan.

A few more thrusts and then Niall came inside me before pulling himself out. He fell on the bed beside me and after a moment of heavy panting, I finally said, “Well, goodnight,” before pulling the blankets over me and then turning over so my back was facing the boy beside me.

I heard a small chuckle and then an arm was wrapped around my waist, and like that is how I fell asleep.

A/N: And so I continue to write really off-putting smut, although I will admit, this time was better than the first.

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Five Guys and A Girl

Louis smiles as the crowd goes absolutely crazy. The team are all running towards him, patting him on the back and telling him what a great job he had done. He jumps into Zayn’s awaiting arms and lets the boy spin him around as the two start cheering together.


“Okay, okay, attention everyone!” One of Louis’ fellow teammates, Liam, calls out once the whole team is back in the locker room.

He jumps up on one of the benches and there’s a few whistles from the other boys because he’s shirtless. “I’d just like to start off  by saying thanks to coach Higgins,” he says and everyone cheers as coach gets a few pats on the back from the boys around him. “We wouldn’t have ever gotten this far without you. I’d also like to thank all of you here,” another round of cheers and whistles.

“But most of all, I’d like to thank our captain, Louis Tomlinson,” and then Louis’ smiling widely at Liam who’s now looking at him. “You totally kicked ass out there!” And once again, the team is cheering and Louis feels a hand on his back. He turns and finds Zayn smiling at him proudly.

“Party at my house tonight as a celebration! Invite everybody!” Liam finishes and then jumps down.


“You going to the party tonight?” Zayn asks as he approaches Eleanor – who was just congratulating Louis on winning the season – and Louis.

“Hell yeah! Gonna get my party on!” Eleanor cheers with a small fist pump and Louis shakes his head but laughs.

“Might even find a guy drunk enough to hook up with you,” Zayn teases and Eleanor bumps his hip with an eye roll.

“Just because Liam was totally checking me out tonight,” she retorts and this time it’s Zayn rolling his eyes.

“Just because I’m prettier as a girl than you are,” Zayn continues on and Louis decides to walk off because he knows they won’t be stopping anytime soon.


Louis sits in his car, still waiting for Eleanor and Zayn. It’s been ten minutes and Louis’ thinking about just ditching them.

But then he sees them with two other guys that Louis isn’t quite familiar with. As they get closer, Louis can see that one has blonde hair and the other has brown. With curls.

“Hey Lou, I hope you don’t mind but I told Harry and Niall that we could take them to the party,” Eleanor said as she slides in the front seat.

Louis shrugs and watches from the rear-view mirror as Zayn gets in on the right, the blonde one takes the middle, and the curly one sits on the left behind Eleanor.

“So, which ones Harry and which ones Niall?” Louis asks, turning in his seat.

“Niall,” the blonde one says, raising his hand a little.

“So that means you’re Harry,” Louis says, looking at the curly haired one who nods.

Louis nods back and then sits back in his seat.


“This party sucks,” Zayn states as he, Harry and Louis sit squished together on one of Liam’s couches.

“It isn’t that bad, you’re just angry because Liam’s hooking up with Danielle right now,” Louis says with a nudge of the shoulder.

Zayn, who’s sitting in between Louis and Harry, huffs and Louis watches as Harry places a comforting hand on Zayn’s arm. “You know, I bet if he knew you liked him, he’d be all for you.”

Zayn smiles at Louis, “I like him,” he says, nodding towards Harry.

“Me too,” Louis agrees and then Zayn stands up.

“I’m going to go get a drink, you guys want anything?” Harry and Louis both shake their head and Zayn shrugs before walking off.

It’s silent for a moment – well, not really silent, since the music is louder than Louis’ thoughts. But it’s silent between Louis and Harry.

“So, you like football?” Louis asks Harry who looks up from his drink and stares at Louis for a quick moment before shrugging.

“I don’t know, tonight was my very first game ever,” Harry admits and Louis’ shocked.

“Seriously?” Harry nods. “Well, did you like it?”

“It was alright, sport just really isn’t my thing,” Harry says and Louis is quite offended.

“How can sport not be your thing? Sport is everybody’s thing,” Louis pretty much snaps.

Harry raises his hands, “whoa, calm down, mate. Not everybody likes sport.”

Louis scoffs, “well then, what do you do in your free time?” He asks.

Harry shrugs, “I like art,” and Louis scoffs again. “What?”

“Nothing, it just figures that you like art,” Louis says.

“You know, Zayn likes art, too,” Harry finally snaps.

Louis sits up a little straighter and looks at Harry with one raised eyebrow, “what? No he doesn’t, he would’ve told me if he did.”

Harry shakes his head, “no, because he knows you’re too selfish to care. He said so himself.”

“No,” Louis shakes his head, “Zayn wouldn’t say something like that.”

“Oh yeah? Then why don’t you ask him about art. See what he says,” and then Harry stands up and storms off.


(4:03 AM)

From: Louis


(4:05 AM)

From: Zayn

What the hell do you want? It’s four in the morning, this better be good.

(4:05 AM)

From: Louis

Do you like art?

(4:16 AM)

From: Zayn



“Am I a horrible friend?” Louis asks.

“No,” Eleanor says, stops, thinks, and then, “yeah.”

“Did you know Zayn is into art?” Eleanor nods and Louis groans. “Am I the only one who didn’t know this?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Eleanor nods.

“Is he any good?” Louis asks.

Eleanor shrugs, “wouldn’t know, he’s never showed me anything.”

“Have you asked?”

“Many times. He always says ‘I’m nothing special. If you wanna see good art, talk to my friend, Harry’,” Eleanor replies.

Louis feels bad. He bets Zayn is an amazing artist. “Is Harry any good?”

“He’s amazing. He drew me once, I have a picture of it if you want to see.” Louis nods and Eleanor pulls out her phone, tapping a few things before handing it to Louis.

Louis can’t believe his eyes. “Harry did this?” He asks. The picture is so perfectly accurate and Louis really feels bad now because this is really good and he was being such a douche to Harry at the party.


(5:46 PM)

From: Louis

I’m sorry :(

(5:48 PM)

From: Harry

I know :)

(5:49 PM)

From: Louis

Could we possibly start over? :)

(5:50 PM)

From: Harry

Okay :)

(5:51 PM)

From: Louis

Starting with me taking you to a proper football game? :)

(5:52 PM)

From: Harry

Sounds perfect :)


“So what’s going on with you and Harry?” Zayn asks Louis one day at school. They’re sitting at one of the cafeteria tables, waiting for Eleanor, Harry and Niall.

“What’s going on with you and Liam?” Louis retorts.

“I asked first,” Zayn says and Louis shrugs.

“I like him and I’ve been counting all the times we’ve hung out as dates, so we’ve been on twelve dates,” Louis says with a proud grin, “your turn.”

“I like him and we’ve barely said two words to each other,” Louis frowns.

“Seriously? No, I’m sorry, we can’t have that.” Louis stands up and Zayn’s eyes widened.

“What are you doing?” He asks.

“I’m going to go sit with Liam and the rest of the football team. You’re allowed to join me if you want,” Louis says and Zayn shakes his head.

“No! We can’t just sit with them,” Zayn says.

Louis rolls his eyes, “I think we can. I am the captain and you are one of the best players. We’re allowed to and we’re going to.”


“So, you’re an artist?” Louis watches as Liam flirts with Zayn who sits there awkwardly, no clue as to what he’s supposed to do.

“Uh, yeah,” Zayn replies, looking down at his food. Louis can see the blush that rises to his best friend’s cheeks.

“You’re gonna have to show me your stuff one day,” Zayn nods, still looking as nervous as ever, and Louis smiles to himself.

He no longer feels selfish.


Harry kisses Louis for the first time at school.

It’s in the middle of the hallway where everybody’s watching and Louis loves it.

“I like you,” Harry says simply, resting his forehead against Louis’.

Louis smiles, “I like you, too,” and then they’re kissing again.


“Well, isn’t this nice,” Niall says as he and Eleanor sit alone at their usual lunch table. Zayn and Liam had disappeared, whereas Louis and Harry made a loud announcement that they were going to have sex in the bathrooms.

“Yeah, definitely,” Eleanor says with great sarcasm as she stabs her salad with a fork.

“So… All our friends are together now,” Niall points out a little awkwardly.

Eleanor nods. “Do you think we should kiss?” Niall shrugs and then nods and then they’re both leaning over the table as they kiss awkwardly.

When they part, Eleanor laughs, “that was awful,” she says and Niall nods, laughing along.

It goes silent again and then Eleanor stands up and walks around the table, sitting beside Niall, “this should be better,” she says and bites her lip.

Niall smiles and leans in once again for a kiss much better than the last.

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